The Bombshell

Just… wow

So yeah.  A racist, misogynist climate denier became President Elect of United States of America.


Post-election rage on social media is shifting from explosive disbelief to a slower angry simmer. Opinionators are opinionating. People are watching the wheels of transition turn while making sense of the situation in their own way.


We won’t add much more to the opinion pile. But we will invite you to do something.

Why The 48 Hour Campaign Competition Exists

We want to do something fun while also giving something valuable to our communities.

Our intention was (and still is) to provide an arena where people from different communities and backgrounds would get the chance to meet, exchange experience and create networks while playing the game of creating a real impact within our nation.

People with different levels of experience: from complete noobs to veteran campaigners, all with different political and life goals would get together and compete in a friendly fun atmosphere while learning from each other.

And we are delighted as the teams keep signing up, voters keep signing up, and we get more encouragement from our material and moral supporters. This thing is gonna a blast!

So What Does This Have To With The Election Of Trump?

If there’s anything that Trump’s election proved, it’s that the global progressive movement needs you.

It needs you to be active in your community. Doing what you can. Making what change you can. Getting your people involved.

We all know that the last few New Zealand elections had shockingly low levels of voter turnout. Low voter turnouts just about always favour the political regressives and are a big part of why we have people in power in New Zealand who seem committed to expanding the social divides within this country.

Your community needs you on this count alone.

Your Leadership Is Needed On The Issues That Matter

The 48 Hour Campaign Competition will give non-veteran campaigners the skills that they need to rapidly build political campaigns on shoestring budget.

(and in just in case you didn’t already know we are divvying up 10k in prizes while teaching these skills)

No matter which government holds office, savvy political campaigns can make a real difference.

Participants in the competition will not only be able to attend workshops on vital campaigning skills like creating impactful press releases, creating, rapidly building campaign websites, how to build your email lists. And how to get your supporters to act.

Our promise to participants that haven’t been involved in campaigning before

By the end of the competition you will understand what is possible. And you’ll be excited about what you can do.

You will know that you now have skills to create an impact. You’ll be able to run campaigns yourself, and make meaningful contributions to the campaigns that you want to join.

(And you might win a cash prize in the process)

If You Are A Veteran Campaigner

You’ll be part of a group of like-minded individuals having fun while sharpening your skills. And just by participating, non-veterans will be learning from you.

Theres nothing to wait for. Your community needs you.

Join The Competition

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