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Moving the Overton window

The Overton window is a concept that really doesn’t have the appreciation it deserves within progressive circles. Basically it boils down to what ideas are acceptable in mainstream political debate, and what are considered ‘crazy’, ‘radical’, ‘extreme’ and ‘fringe’. Everything within the Overton window gets treated as a legitimate public concern or position by the

The Bombshell

Just… wow So yeah.  A racist, misogynist climate denier became President Elect of United States of America.   Post-election rage on social media is shifting from explosive disbelief to a slower angry simmer. Opinionators are opinionating. People are watching the wheels of transition turn while making sense of the situation in their own way.  

The thinking behind the 48hr Campaign Competition

Public attention is a limited resource and frustratingly fickle, which means most progressive campaigns tend to focus on issues that are urgent and already salient. That doesn’t mean campaigns on the housing crisis, cuts to essential services and worker safety should be avoided; it just means that topics that are “slow-burning”, structural and long term