10 steps to create your campaign in 48 hours

It’s less than 10 days till the 48hr Campaign Competition so we’ve prepared this handy 10 point guide to help you structure your time and get the most impact.

Read up on the detail of your issue (start here) so you understand:

  1.       What the values driving it are.
  2.       What the short term and long term goals are.  Some issues have very clear short terms goals while the end outcome isn’t clear, and vice versa.
  3.       What’s already been done campaign wise.  What worked and what didn’t.
  4.       Who the key decision makers are.
  5.       Who your key allies and stakeholders are.

Cut It Down

Most problems, like Climate change are too large to campaign on unless you cut it down to a practical size to fit your time and resource constraints.  Organisations like Greenpeace and Generation Zero do this often by picking a specific issue, such as Deep sea oil drilling or better cycleways. To learn how to Cut the issue you can follow instructions in these handy guides, here and here.

Power Analysis

A power analysis is a powerful tool to help you figure out where and whom to focus your campaign on for most impact.  It is your most important strategic tool.  See attached material here and here.

What Are You Asking For, And From Whom?

Decide on your primary ask, the target, target audience, 3 key talking points, key tactics to engage with your audience, spokesperson, team roles, campaign timeline.

Be Memorable

Come up with a campaign name/slogan that’s short and can be used as your URL

Get Online

If your campaign has an online component, set up your website.

If your team doesn’t have a web expert, we’ll help:  Talk to use and we’ll create a website under a subdomain for you. We’ll give you a drag’n’drop builder and a form builder.

Create visual content for SM and website. (including copy)

Work The List.

Send mass email to list provided. You can do this via Mailchimp or any other mailer you prefer.

Launch campaign online & send our PRs (if required)

Implement any other tactics that will bring attention to your campaign ask.

And finally don’t forget that unlike real life, teams are required to present a super short Pecha Kucha style presentation to showcase what they did and the impact it had.

Good hunting!

Posted by Kirk Serpes

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